over knee socks collection_transparent version_unisex_오버 니 삭스 투명한 버전_남녀 양말


오버 니 삭스 투명 버전 모음입니다.
47 스와치 있습니다.
남녀 공용입니다.


/Please do not re-upload or claim as your own./
/무단 수정과 무단 배포 금지/

About Jeong marigold

/I'm ENGLISH is not good./ sorry! I'm too busy. so I can't accept the request and some of the question. I can't handle it./ Always keep the latest version of the Sims. If you have the Piracy Sims, That is mostly not the latest version. so, Items can not show up./ Please refer to the TOU in the bottom gadgets./

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  1. 이쁜게 너무 많아요ㅠㅠ 정말 감사해요 ㅠㅠ

  2. how do i get ur mesh to download ur content

    1. My English is bad. so,I can not understand. mesh? Are you asking how to download? If you're saying mesh, you can not use it. re-color is possible, but do not include my mesh. If you're saying how to download, Click the Download - Wait 5 seconds(ad-fly) - Click the skip(On the upper right).

  3. I want to Thank YOU so much for all YOU do for US Simmer's YOUR CC is Just Amazing Thanks sooooooo MUCH ♥♥♥

  4. Do you have any other links to the download? The adfly download doesn't work for me.


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